Quick Summary: Improvisation can truly impact your personal and professional development journey! Let me explain why and how. I'll provide you with the ultimate breakdown in less than 90 seconds.

Today’s business environment, and the society as a whole, is characterized by complex situations. We deal with many unknowns and everything around us is happening at rapid speeds.

Playing by the notes does not cut it nowadays. Instead, we have to be flexible, dynamic and inclusive – all this is reflected in improvisation.

That’s why I created my Integral Improvisational Coaching Approach.

My approach covers four different perspectives. They focus on these key messages:

  • Explore your personal inner world
  • Follow your intuition and improvise
  • Go with your common groove
  • Design Processes and Polarities

Back in 2016, I was invited to share this approach at TEDx. You find the recording of my talk “Coaching and All That Jazz” here. But setting aside 18 minutes of your life to watch a talk can feel like a commitment. So I created a short video series where I explain the entire approach in less than 90 seconds:

Explore Your Inner Existence

In coaching you’ll become crystal clear on your vision, values and individual resources. You’ll explore your inner world with its inner voices and work with your thoughts, emotions and identities.

Use Improvisation and Intuition

In coaching you’ll deepen your knowledge about leadership, communication, relationships, or health. You’ll develop core competencies to be in tune with your intuition and to improvise in your actions.

Go With Your Groove

You’ll reflect on the shared values and culture in your family, team or organization. This will support you in building meaningful relationships both in your personal and professional life – and getting into a common “groove”.

Design Processes and Polarities

You’ll reflect on the systems and processes you’re part of – in your business, department or society. Discovering your roles in this collective context will give you the balance of structure and freedom.

Now you've had a glimpse into how improvisation plays a role in my coaching approach. If you want to learn more about my concrete Online Coaching process, check out my article "Online Coaching: Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Coaching."

Would you like to take action and explore what coaching could mean for you, your work, and life? Please your free pre-coaching call here or send me an email at Mail@ChristinePaulus.com to start your journey.

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My name is Christine Paulus. I'm a psychologist and certified Integral Coach and Business Coach. As a longtime musician, I love to bring my improvisational approach to my work as an Online Coach!