Music can be our sword fighting depression or anxiety, our shield protecting us from intrusive thoughts or emotions, and it can boost our confidence and self-love. Music can reach our deepest emotional layers and heal us from within.

Has music ever saved you? Hugged you when you were in need? Offered you a releasing outlet for your anger and aggression? Accentuated your life’s triumphs and successes with the perfect soundtrack?

In Stranger Things 4 [SPOILER WARNING], the out-of-this-world monster Vecna found his evil way into Max's mind. Vecna haunts Max with nightmares and visions about her past traumatic experiences, paralyses her into a trance state and sets her up to be killed.

In music, Max’s friends find a musical weapon to break this psychic connection between Vecna and Max. But which song should they play? Her favorite one, of course!

Christine Paulus Online Personal Coaching Song Music Stranger Things

That one song that plays a crucial role for Max and helps her to process her traumatic past, her painful feelings like loss and guilt, and captures her inner dialogue: 'Running up That Hill' by Kate Bush.

This song is deeply connected with her inner emotional world. Listening to this song seems to touch her unconscious core, which gives her the strength to see clearly again and win the fight against Vecna’s power over her mind, and allows her to break free and escape.

Music has the power to remind us of who we once were, connect us with who we really are, and come closer to our authentic inner core.

If Vecna would get hold of you, which song would wake you up?

Ask yourself: Which song is deeply connected to me? Which song carried me through difficult times? What's my all-time favorite? In other words, which song would help me fight Vecna's curse?

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