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Online Coaching

In online coaching, you become crystal clear about your personal and professional goals – and the steps needed to get there. You’ll rediscover your energy, sharpen your focus, and reach inner serenity.

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Your Goals

Regardless of whether you manage a large team, run a small business, or are an individual striving for personal growth, many others have already achieved success through coaching. Can you identify any of your own personal or professional goals in their accomplishments?

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I made my decision based on my values and aspirations.

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I feel calm and exhibit confidence, also in challenging situations.

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I prioritize my tasks, feel productive and efficient.

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I am an optimistic and open-minded individual with energy.

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I am mindful of my physical and emotional well-being and approach experiences intentionally.

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I have a clear understanding of my goals and the strategies to achieve them.

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In my professional life, I bring my personal values and priorities to the forefront.

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I feel that my life, work and personal experiences are rich in purpose and fulfillment.

Christine paulus
Christine Paulus Online Personal Business Coach Berlin

English | Deutsch

I work with people like you developing personally and professionally. I'm a psychologist, certified Integral Coach and Business Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation. Living in Berlin, I find my creative outlet, energy and inspiration in writing, vlogging and – of course! – coaching. Drawing from my background as a longtime musician,  I love to bring my improvisational approach to everything I do.

christine Paulus

I work with people like you developing personally and professionally. I'm a psychologist, certified Integral Coach and Business Coach and member of the International Coach Federation. Living in Berlin, I find my creative outlet, energy and inspiration in writing, vlogging and – of course! – coaching. As a former longtime musician, I love to bring my improvisational approach to everything I do.

Coaching Approach

We are longing for growth, innovation, transformation and creativity. All of these are reflected in improvised music. Inspired by this, I created the Integral Improvisational Coaching Approach. Back in 2016, I was invited to speak about it at TEDx. You can watch it here:

Clients' Experiences

Read how others experience working with me!

The joint coaching journey with Ms Paulus was an intensive, at the same time instructive and exciting time. With her, I was able to successfully develop tools that help me in difficult situations in a professional context. With the right questions, she manages to develop structured solution options. She creates a professional as well as very pleasant and open atmosphere and distinguishes herself above all through her empathetic manner as well as her broad, scientifically based wealth of experience. (Translated)

Julia K.

Management Consultancy

In mid-2023, my business had grown rapidly — faster than I had. Christine supported me in regaining the necessary professional distance in entrepreneurial decisions. Nothing was imposed or spoon-fed to me. Thanks to the questioning techniques, I was able to see clearly again where the journey was going and what role I had or didn't have. More than valuable support that I would not want to do without in the future.

Anna Kunert

Business Owner, Gefährtenschmiede

I experienced working with Mrs. Paulus as being very intense, emotionally challenging, and liberating at the same time. She has helped me achieve greater composure and self-confidence in a short amount of time, and prepared me effectively for challenging situations in the workplace. [...] She listens attentively, asks the right questions, and helps me find a solution in a lighthearted and effortless manner with a great sense of humor. (Translated)


Project Manager

Within the coaching process I could outgrow myself, regain my intuition and inner trust. Feel secure. Feel valued. Feeling free to say and ask whatever I needed to. Being able to formulate my inner self and work with it. I always felt supported, triggered to give all I’ve got to go one step further. I am very glad I decided to go this way with Ms Paulus. Thank you!


The work with Ms. Paulus was not only insightful, but also motivating in many ways. The sessions have clearly contributed to being able to consciously accept a new professional challenge. Ms. Paulus showed me ways out of an inner dilemma and helped me to reorganize my thoughts and especially my inner attitude towards many things. (Translated)


I found the coaching with Christine Paulus challenging, intensive and enriching. I experienced her as a professional, empathetic and trustworthy consultant who listens carefully, analyzes things precisely and suggests feasible solutions. Thanks to her support, I was able to learn a lot about myself and work on myself. (Translated)

Stefanie W.

Marketing Employee

Christine is an excellent coach. Through her wealth of experience, working with her is enriching on all levels; professionally, personally and emotionally. With enthusiasm and passion she accompanies her clients on their individual path and I take long-term inspiration from the sessions with her. Thank you very much! (Translated)

Katherina Hartmann


Ms. Paulus has an incredibly good sense for the right questions within a coaching topic. With the help of Ms. Paulus and extensive self-reflection, I was able to make important decisions for my personal life confidently. From the coaching, I emerge with increased self-confidence and a much higher level of trust in my abilities. (Translated)

Sven Kopp

Managing Director,
Seniorenpflegezentrum Bovenden GmbH

Ms. Paulus first helped me to recognize what exactly my issues are and what I would like to change in my life. She then helped me find ways to break down and change my old patterns of thinking and behavior. Ms. Paulus' sympathetic and empathetic manner made it easy for me to open up. Her constructively critical thought-provoking impulses have given me clarity and insight. (Translated)

Sven P.


Working together with Ms. Paulus feels exactly like that: together - and not predetermined. You decide for yourself what is important to you and what you want to change. And if you don't know exactly what you want to change, Ms. Paulus helps you with the right questions and a lot of patience. The short time we spent together made me personally more confident and determined. (Translated)

Sebastian P.


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