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Planning a virtual workshop? I'm highly passionate for and specialized in online facilitation!

As an online coach, I provide a safe and productive space for personal and professional development. I strike a balance between providing structure and fostering creativity, blending science and art, and encouraging self-reflection while also promoting hands-on action.

Hybrid and remote groups get enabled through online workshop facilitation to connect, collaborate, and work efficiently towards achieving common goals, including brainstorming ideas, solving problems, setting goals, and making decisions.

Having a workshop inquiry? I’m curious to discover the purpose and desired outcome of your workshop and how we can inspire the participants. Please send your request and relevant details to

"A session with a difference – really enjoyable and thought-provoking"
Coaching for Leaders

This online workshop is designed for leaders looking to enhance their leadership repertoire by embracing an improvisational approach.

Using musical improvisation as a metaphor, participants will engage in thought-provoking exercises and short, yet powerful coaching conversations and leave with actionable steps to put the improvisational approach into their leadership practice.

I offer a similar workshop which is suitable for teams by using this approach to improve their flexibility, dynamic thinking, and communication.

Christine Paulus Online Coaching Virtual Workshop Leadership Teamwork
"Loving this session, very powerful, allowing freedom to experiment in a safe space for client and coach. Beautiful metaphor to deliver this session!"

My online workshops cover relevant topics such as leadership, teamwork, communication, stress and burnout prevention. Still, each workshop is individually crafted to align with your specific requirements. This ensures that the participants get the most personalized, relevant and beneficial experience possible.

When it comes to team development, my preference is to design a workshop journey that addresses the holistic growth of the team – both personally and professionally. The design of this series of workshops unfolds during the process, is highly personalized and takes into account the current company culture and goals.

"After the first workshop, we worked to improve the team's culture and leadership in a couple of workshops. Not to mention the workshops themselves, she uses dynamic boards, which makes the material more interesting and clear for future readers."
Personality & Communication
Christine Paulus Online Virtual Workshop Coaching Communication Personality MBTI

This workshop strives to help team members gain a deeper understanding of their personalities and how it impacts their communication utilizing the concept of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

By gaining insights into how they direct their attention, gather information, make decisions, and approach tasks and life, they can create a team dynamic built on mutual trust and respect.

Character Strengths
Christine Paulus Online Virtual Workshop Coaching Character Strengths VIA

This workshop aims to help team members understand their own and their team member's strengths, such as creativity, leadership, teamwork, or humor, using the VIA Inventory of Strengths (VIA-IS).

Applying these strengths in the workplace can lead to improved job satisfaction, work engagement, and performance, as well as a more positive team culture and overall well-being.

Stakeholder Management
Christine Paulus Online Coaching Virtual Workshop Stakeholder Management

The purpose of this workshop is to help the team members systematically identify and analyze internal and external stakeholders, emphasising those with the most power, influence, and other self-imposed factors to avoid being influenced by the loudest or most powerful voices only.

By radically altering their perspective, the team members gain clarity on how to best utilize their time and energy in the future.

Christine manages to keep the audience's attention and engagement of the attendees while talking about not so easy-to-understand topics. I recommend her with my eyes closed.

Having a workshop inquiry? If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Please send your request and relevant details to I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and the particpants!


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