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Unleash the power of improvisation to inspire and transform your audience. Planning a virtual event? I'm specialized in online speaking!

As a keynote speaker, I employ my Integral Improvisational Coaching Approach, which led to an invitation to speak on the TEDx stage, an honor for which I am still incredibly grateful today. This approach has been continuously refined over time and remains a cornerstone of my keynote speeches.

Having a speaking inquiry? I’m curious to discover the purpose and desired outcome of your event and how we can inspire your audience. Please send your request and relevant details to Mail@ChristinePaulus.com.

"Fabulous presentation with you and hopefully get to experience you in a face-to-face session at some point. Better than anything I have attended so far!"
Virtual Keynotes

With my expertise in delivering speeches online, I ensure that my audience receives the same level of engagement and effectiveness as in-person speeches.

Whether you're hosting an online conference, webinar, or virtual event, I will customize my speeches to meet your specific requirements and ensure that your audience receives the inspiration and insights they need.

I use live broadcasting and incorporate various materials such as graphics, videos, and sound effects instead of traditional PowerPoint slides. I handle all necessary technical adjustments, allowing for a smooth and seamless experience for both the participants and you as the host.

Christine Paulus Online Coaching Virtual Keynote Speaker

My keynote speeches consist of main topics to choose from. Still, each speech will be individually crafted to align with your specific requirements and usually includes interactive elements. This ensures that the improvisational approach is reflected in my speech.

"I LOVED the session by Christine Paulus! Her presentation was engaging, interesting and fun."
Personal Development and Integrity
Christine Paulus Online Coaching Virtual Keynote Improvisation Personal Development

In this speech, you'll explore your inner world, values, and vision. We recognize a remarkable musician by their unique personal style. Similarly, to develop and cultivate our own sound and personality, we must listen to ourselves truly. Who am I? What can I do? What do I want? We’ll explore how to express and implement your answers in your personal and professional life. This topic is perfect for those who possess and strive for a vision for their life and desire to be confident, productive and fulfilled.

Professional Development und Business Ownership
Christine Paulus Virtual Keynote Speaking Improvisation Startup Business Owner

This keynote is geared towards individuals looking to advance their business personality. We'll explore how to align your personal growth with professional achievement. By understanding your personal repertoire, trusting your intuition, and approaching things in novel ways, you will learn how to strike a balance between structure and flexibility. This topic is ideal for business owners who wish to fulfill their business ambitions while also prioritizing their mental and physical health and relationships.

"I liked her enthusiasm and passion for coaching – she inspired me."
Leadership and Teamwork
Christine Paulus Online Coaching Virtual Keynote Improvisation Leadership Teamwork

This speech is for those who aim to accomplish outstanding goals with their team, creating a working environment for authenticity, innovation and creativity. We’ll examine how to create a common groove in your team, deepen the working relationships and promote an appreciative and energetic company culture. This topic is perfect for those leaders who want to reflect and use their unique leadership personality more clearly – and can be tailored to their team members as well.

Coaching and Development
Christine Paulus Online Coaching Virtual Keynote Improvisation Development

This speech is specifically designed to coaches and other professionals in the coaching field. You unleash the creative power of improvisation to create impactful and inspiring coaching processes. This topic is ideal for coaches and similar professionals who want to foster a coaching environment that encourages experimentation and risk-taking, develop the ability to think on their feet and adapt to changing situations, and cultivate a sense of spontaneity and playfulness in their coaching process.

“Absolutely top notch – thank you, Christine! Challenging and entertaining!”

Having a speaking inquiry? If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Please send your request and relevant details to Mail@ChristinePaulus.com. I look forward to the opportunity to inspire you and your audience!


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