You're floating through the air, defying gravity with a sense of freedom and excitement. You experience a moment of pure joy, transcending the boundaries of the ordinary. But hold on, you may ask, how does this relate to my challenge?

During my recent visit to the Illuseum in Berlin, I stumbled upon a mind-bending optical illusion. In one particular photo, I found myself captured as if I were effortlessly floating through the room.

Oh, how I wish I could embrace this perspective more often in my everyday life! The ability to rise above challenges and perceive them with a touch of lightheartedness and grace.

Challenges are an integral part of life. We all face them, whether it's a personal struggle or a professional obstacle. However, it's how we approach these challenges that can truly make a difference in how we overcome them.

Shifting the angle from which we view the challenge can be a powerful tool. So let's start floating!

By taking an objective, bird's eye view, we can see the situation more clearly and dispassionately. This new perspective can help us identify patterns or opportunities that we might have missed before.

If you're currently struggling to find a solution to your situation, try taking off, looking at the big picture from above, and explore: what's different now? What do you see, quite literally? Observe the changes that occur when you lift off. How does the challenge appear to you now? And what else has changed since you've soared into the sky?

In coaching, we explore various techniques to shift perspectives and overcome challenges. You might be surprised by what you discover. And with that, I'll go back to floating – happy exploring!

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My name is Christine Paulus. I'm a psychologist and certified Integral Coach and Business Coach. As a longtime musician, I love to bring my improvisational approach to my work as an Online Coach!