Quick summary: Join me on my new vlog adventure as I follow Berlin filmmakers and musicians, documenting the behind-the-scenes of pitching at one of Europe's largest documentary film festivals, all while undergoing my own creative journey as a coach. Directed by one pivotal question: what’s the true essence of inspiration?

As I see it, inspiration acts as the secret sauce supporting us solve problems, make decisions, kickstart new projects, shape how we do our work, connect with others, and make substantial changes in our lives.

So, how do we go about getting inspired?

Whenever I find myself lacking a creative spark, I proactively seek inspiration. I either change up my routines and environment, engage with the work of fellow creatives, or challenge myself by embracing unfamiliar activities. Sometimes, I do all of the above.

That’s exactly how I approached my new YouTube video!

My partner and our friends applied for a documentary music film award at the DOK.fest 2022 in Munich, one of the largest documentary film festivals in Europe. Joining their journey with my camera, I pressed record without a specific objective in mind, other than: document the experience aka vlog.

But… why?

In my line of work as a coach, individuals deal with questions around leadership, purpose, relationships, and other pivotal life themes. They need to be open-minded, creative, and innovative on a daily basis. And so do I.

I'm convinced the best way to stay inspired, creative, and ready to improvise lies in diving into various experiences, embracing that newbie feeling, and soaking up the lessons as you roll with it.

So, what did I learn?

I went through an exciting process of not knowing what to record at any minute, simply following the creative process around me while undergoing my own creative journey. Looking back, I learnt a lot about storytelling, film shooting, editing, sound, coloring, myself, and, of course, inspiration.

Would you like a little spoiler?

Now, a year and a half later, the movie pitched at DOK.fest 2022 premieres at Berlinale Extended Forum 2024. 'I Don't Want to Be Just a Memory' is a community-driven, highly collaborative short documentary addressing queer mental health and grief in Berlin. It's already gaining recognition both within and outside the community.

Both as a psychologist and as a human being, it’s a privilege and pleasure being part of this movie’s journey — way beyond the initial vlogging process.

Since our time in Munich, we shared laughing and and crying working on this movie. On set, I was responsible for set management, as well as set awareness and ethical guidelines. More on this another time.

So, what’s this vlog?

Observe the beginning of this journey and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek. Special thanks to my partner Klaus, producer at Nordic Media House, for continuously encouraging and challenging me in creating this vlog. As well as thanks to music producer Bráoulio Bandeira, musician Kei Weitanabe and director Sarnt Utamachote, who allowed to me to trust and follow the process, and for sharing their unique perspectives on the project, creativity, and inspiration.

After all, maybe it’s not about finding inspiration, but… —

watch for yourself and leave your comment!

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