When I began my journey as a creator on YouTube in 2018, I initially started by publishing videos in German, offering a glimpse into my work as a coach. As time went on, I discovered that creating videos served as a means of self-expression and reflection for me.

Among the videos I've shared in the past, there are two that continue to hold a special place in my heart today. I also did some vlogging – and I'm grateful for the opportunity to capture one of my concerts on camera. You can find these videos, along with some of my earliest ones, in this archive. Enjoy!

My Favorites

Here are two of my favorite videos.

Wann Coaching? Wann Therapie? Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten

In this video, I delve into the question of when either coaching or therapy is most beneficial, highlighting the similarities and differences between these two formats. Gain a deeper understanding of the typical issues and topics addressed in both coaching and therapy, as well as the prerequisites for each. By the end of the video, you will have a better grasp of how to leverage coaching and therapy to achieve your goals.

Coaching-Fragen stellen: Welche Fragen führen zur Veränderung?

In this video, I discuss the use of powerful questions in coaching to facilitate change. I provide three specific examples of questions that you can use in your next conversation to facilitate change when engaging with colleagues, friends, or even yourself.

My Vlogs

In my vlogs, I document my daily work as a coach, share moments from my concerts, capture my experiences attending a writing class, and reflect on my writing learnings.

Coaching-Business: Hinter den Kulissen  | Coaching + Vortrag + Workshop (Vlog)

Join me as I prepare for coaching sessions, evaluate them afterward, deliver a presentation, and facilitate a workshop on goal setting.

UpperGround feat. Christine Paulus (17.01.2019) Vlog

Come join me at the "UpperGround feat. Christine Paulus" gig at the Kulturbunker Kassel, Germany. We had an amazing time on stage, and the audience response was fantastic. Check out this vlog for some highlights!

Was ich beim Schreiben gelernt habe (Vlog)

Discover the valuable lessons I learned in the writing workshop, including the importance of clear language and the art of letting go. Witness how everything ties together, the role music plays, and what I'm letting go of.

Kolumnen schreiben – Mein erster Vlog!

I wrote my first column. And filmed my first vlog. Join me at the Column Writing Workshop at the Bundesakademie für Kulturelle Bildung in Wolfenbüttel. The two seminar leaders were Harald Martenstein and Dr. Olaf Kutzmutz.

My Beginnings

After going live on YouTube for a couple of times, I decided to record my very first videos.

Energie finden: Genau "mein" Song bei Aufregung, Zweifel, Unsicherheit

Using music to boost energy: I frequently listen to specifc songs or playlists to increase my energy before important events such as workshops, presentations, or meetings. This practice helps me overcome feelings of nervousness, doubt, lack of focus, or uncertainty. Discover how to select the right song for you!

Dankbarkeit üben: Wofür bin ich heute dankbar?

"What am I grateful for today?" Each night before going to bed, I take a moment to reflect on my day and identify three things that I am grateful for. Incorporating this exercise into your evening routine can foster appreciation for the positive aspects of your day. Learn how to integrate it into your own bedtime routine.

So mache ich mein persönliches Quartal-Review

Take a break every 90 days. Use this time to reflect on your most significant insights and memories from the past quarter, and then shift your focus toward the future: what's important to you in the upcoming quarter? I conduct a quarterly review to guide this process, and I invite you to join me in undertaking your own quarterly review.

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