How do we cope with our current situation? Some of us are experiencing emotions like worry or anxiety. Some struggle with a new work/life situation and their financial, social,... consequences and the lack of a daily structure. Some are getting frustrated and bored with staying at home.

On an individual level, we are facing a lot of things we can’t control: maybe we’ll lose our job(s) due to the pandemic and we’ll get into serious problems paying our bills. On a collective level, we have to find solutions to all of these problems. At this very moment, more and more supporting programs both from the government and private initiatives are launching. If you need any help, please, do the research and look for the support you need in the area you’re in.

On the other hand, there are a lot of people discovering new possibilities because of this challenge. For example, while adapting to a new work situation some discover that working online has a lot of benefits like enhanced focus, productivity and less impact on the environment.

A lot of us see the current situation as a chance. A chance to press pause, reflect, experiment, do things differently and ask ourselves what's truly important – to us individually, to our families, our teams, organizations, as a country, as mankind.

In this article, I focus on the pure pragmatic fact that a lot of us are staying at home. I want to share a couple of ideas on how to use our current time. Inspiration for the small and big things we all can do now!

1. Do nothing

How can I embrace doing nothing?

Sometimes we have the tendency to do a lot. We work a lot or do other activities excessively. When we are forced to stop our behavior due to vacation, illness or, well, a virus, something changes: suddenly, there is a gap. Between what we think we should do and what we actually do. We have to be productive and achieve something, right? Maybe not. Maybe we are not only worth by doing, but by being. It's worth a try to allow ourselves a true break and do literally nothing.

2. Be grateful

What am I grateful for?

It's important to recognize that we live in times of anxiety and insecurity. For these emotions to not overwhelm us, a regular practice of gratitude can be part of our way to cope. Ask yourself what you're grateful for today. Maybe you are grateful you’ve found time to actually take care of the broken cupboard in the bathroom. Maybe you're grateful for society and corporations having the need and possibility to reevaluate payment for social workers, the flexibility of working hours or the importance of values like solidarity and trust. Make your own quarantine gratefulness list!

3. Learn

What do I want to learn?

Do you recall somebody saying "I always wanted to learn how to play the piano / how to speak Italian / how to sew, but I never did." Maybe you’ve heard yourself saying that? Now's the time to do something about it. Besides books, there are tons of YouTube videos, TV documentaries, apps and online courses that will teach you nearly anything. Search and sign up!

4. Play

How can I be more playful?

If you have children, you see this every day: playing just for the sake of playing - pure joy and excitement. Come up with funny versions of sports, like bowling in the corridor with toothpaste as pins. Try classic games on your smart TV or go back to the good old board games. You might find another way to connect with your creativity and start to paint or craft again. Puzzling is en vogue, too!

5. Move

How can I move my body?

The gym is closed. If you were used to daily exercise, you might already have found your new way of doing things through running in nature and home workouts. But if you aren't used to regular exercise, you are challenged. Whether your usual commute to work was by bike, or you achieved your daily footsteps by being busy at work or on your way meeting friends: we all move less. So, take a 20-minute walk outside, dance to your favorite playlists or kick off your days with one of the home workouts on YouTube – and you might come out of this quarantine fitter than ever before!

6. Experiment

What experiment would I like to try?

You always wanted to try a new way to style your hair? A specific kind of diet? A new morning routine including workout and writing? Whatever comes to your mind: it's the perfect moment to experiment with new routines and hobbies. Apart from your partner/roommate/family member: nobody will notice...

7. Relax

What would give me the feeling of calmness?

For some of us, these days are forcing us to press pause. How can you use this to your advantage? Maybe it's time for you to take care of yourself: emotionally, mentally, physiologically. A new practice of meditating, doing yoga, listening to your favorite album, reading or taking a bath could help you deal with feelings of uncertainty. What helps you to calm down and be present? What does self-care mean to you?

8. Home

How can I create a cozy home?

An organized mind and an organized environment often go hand in hand. Why don't you go through your closet and find the pieces you won't wear anymore and that you'd like to donate. Try a new way to organize your kitchen, clean your windows or redecorate your living room. Reorganize, declutter, clean and decorate – make your home even cozier.

9. Connect

With whom would I like to connect more deeply?

Naturally, you might spend more time with your kids/partner/roommate than ever before. Use this time to figure out how you can connect more deeply with whom you live with. Use some of these question prompts, come up with your own ideas, and do it together! At the same time, it's important to give each other space and time to be on our own – so that you'll be freshly charged when getting back together again. It's also a good time to connect with friends via a short message asking them how things are, or connecting more deeply via video call: you can talk, eat, dance, play or workout together. And, of course, there are a lot of options to connect by helping out in your neighborhood. In these times it’s even more important to connect and care for each other – even when practicing the pragmatism of social distancing.

10. To-do list

Which items on my list do I want to tackle?

Let's be pragmatic! We all have these long to-do lists flying around on our desks and hiding in our smartphones. It's time to tackle one item after the other. We have no excuses and we all know about the great feeling of crossing out a task as a reward!

11. Reflect

How can I reflect?

What have you learned so far due to staying at home? What has surprised you? Which insights did you discover about you, your family and friends, your work and business? Sit down and write about your experiences. Document your insights throughout the next days and weeks. At some point read through your notes and ask yourself: What does that mean for my actions from now on?

12. Develop

In which area would I love to grow?

Almost all traveling is canceled – why don't we use our time to travel into our inner world. This pause from the outer world is the perfect moment to look inside ourselves and take time to reflect. Maybe there is an issue in your personal or professional life you feel the need to take a look at. Maybe you want to learn more about your personality. Use this time for your personal inner development and analyze some behavioral patterns and emotional reactions of yours. Journaling is a great way to start. If you want me to work with you, consider my Online Coaching!

13. Future

What is my vision for the future?

Imagine the world in a couple of months. How would you like it to be? How will your personal and professional life be? In what way should the economy and society be different from before? What is truly important to all of us? How does this show up in the world? Write it down. Read through it over and over. Talk with other people about it. Create action steps to bring your vision to life. In short: make it happen!

There are so many things we can do now. What will you do?

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